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We carry out audio-marketing projects for corporate communications or as a marketing support strategy to increase sales and improve brand projection.

No matter if you run a global brand or serve a specific audience, using our experience with brands and music we will create a soundscape that suits your needs.

Every brand is unique and has a very distinctive sound. Music helps defining you brand and maximizing sales.

We produce audio content and music for advertising, media and brand experiences. We use our own assets and installations to do it (studio recordings, creative content management, …)

As music suppliers, the task of music curators consists of selecting customized music that is unique to each moment and space. We can also provide design advice on sound installation projects. 

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Music Curators

We propose the best solutions in music content, taking into account price, quality and legal coverage. 

We analyze the sound at the point of sale in order to carry out the necessary actions to improve the well-being of visitors and staff, and to increase sales and productivity. 

We contribute to create a tailor-made musical atmosphere that encourages visitors to let themselves go and create a customized consumer environment. 

We have our own tool (in-store services) to deliver the best music for each brand and for each moment to improve CX and sales.

New Media Creators

We create original content which is perfectly adapted to the new networks and media channels.

The challenge is creating rich media content which can engage a global audience, across many different industries.

We are music and content creators for new channels and formats. We are suppliers of the media, broadcast, film and music industries. 

Machine learning & artificial Intelligence are some of the tools we use to create music.

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Publishing & Legal Consultancy

Broadcasting and content rights management. Retail and Point of Sale music advice. Music film sync management.

Broadcasting and content rights management. Retail and Point of Sale music advice. Music film sync management. 

Negotiation with copyright societies,  Copyright Taxes  Efficency, Sync Media Management, Retail Advice, Legal Advice, Record Label Management, Artist Management

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